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Linda G. Moore

Became active in Craven County politics in early 2017 by organizing the Grantham 1A precinct. In 2018, became the Secretary of the Craven County Democratic Party working on various issues such as petitioning the Craven County Commissioners to support the Equal Rights Amendments. Helped in gathering 1,000 signatures and presented them to the Craven County Commissioners in an effort to stop the County's resolution against Critical Race Theory which is not nor has never been taught in the county schools. 

Served as the Chair of the Craven County Democratic Party from March 2019 until April 2023. The local party is more robust and active as a result of the team during this time. Currently serve as the Secretary of the Craven County Democratic Party. Actively serve as a member of the North Carolina Democratic State Executive Committee. 

Born in Washington DC in 1953 and lived in Northern Virginia until January 2015. Retired after 38+ years as the Vice President for Business Development with ServiceSource, Inc. a not-for-profit company which provides employment and training for individuals with disabilities. Worked with Federal Government Agencies and the private sector to secure contracts which provided employment for the employees with disabilities of ServiceSource in five states and Washington, DC. 

Moved to New Bern, North Carolina in January 2015 after retirement with my husband, V. Have two sons and a daughter. My Father and both his parents were born in North Carolina so visited the Old North State throughout my childhood.

Attended George Mason University and Northern Virginia Community College.


Ensure universal access to voting by preserving options such as early voting, same-day registration during early voting, and mail-in voting for all eligible citizens. Counteract attempts to restrict access to the ballot box.


Advocate for North Carolina's public schools in order to ensure adequate funding for infrastructure, fair teacher pay, and food programs for students in need. Oppose any attempts to take money away from these schools through programs such as vouchers.


Promote accessible and high-quality healthcare for all North Carolinians. Ensure women's health with comprehensive pre- and postnatal services. Uphold a woman's freedom of choice in healthcare decisions and support the continued expansion of medical services.


Protect our environment to ensure our water systems are free of harmful chemicals and animal waste through regulations and infrastructure improvements. Maintain and where needed improve the air quality for the health of our citizens.



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